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Declaration of Mission

We are a Christian community that believes God calls us to follow Christ’s example by living lives of love, compassion, and service. As Christians, it is our mission to support each other in our individual faith journeys, to be witnesses to Christ in the world through loving service to those in physical, emotional, or spiritual need, and to advocate for justice for all of God’s children, confronting the powers of hate, division, oppression, and darkness wherever we encounter them. We struggle to be and become beloved community: a hospitable place for marginalized and mainstream alike.

We declare ourselves a spiritual sanctuary from the fear, rejection, hate and violence of a world that judges and condemns people for being who they are.

We believe that God created and celebrates diversity, and declare our openness to and affirmation of all who seek Christ’s love in our midst: women and men, adults and children, all colors and ethnicities, all sexual orientations, all cultural backgrounds, and all ages, abilities, and economic and physical conditions. We also recognize that people find God in many ways, and we seek to support and affirm them in their spiritual journeys. We ask only that each person be accorded honor and respect due a beloved and living imago dei, image of God.

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